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Is your floor sagging?

Homes that are on raised foundations often experience settlement issues when there are large spans between support, not enough supports, aged materials and/or, poor construction. It is uncommon for a home to cave in due to these stresses but, the issues are usually progressive. This means that the cracks in the sheetrock will worsen and door may become misaligned. Ultimately the floor begins to sag and pulls framing and parts of the structure with it. It is common that new support is needed in certain areas to stabilize these situations.

Another main cause of settlement on a crawl space home is water loitering under the house. It's important to remember that the support underneath ultimately is supported by dirt. If that dirt becomes mud; the structural integrity fails!

Keep your home with good/clean drainage that will protect the foundation and lower elevations like, under your home.

The above picture was a home that was over 24" low in the center of the doorway. We added new joists and proper support and were able to salvage the hardwoods by building new support underneath. No matter how bad the situation looks, call the pros at Level Home for a Free Informative Evaluation of your unique situation. Tulsa Crawl Space Repair 918-361-7787 - OKC Crawl Space Repair 405-922-9959 or visit our main site at:

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