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How can Level Home help you?

Structural repairs can be confusing to the average home owner, hopefully due to not having to deal with them often, if ever! When it comes to a building or home moving around; the reasons and repairs can vary and it is imperative to choose an experienced company to deal with these issues. Level Home Foundation Repair offers a wide variety of repair methods and services but our most important service; is communicating with our customers!!

Each repair is different and its important that the owner know what and why in each step of the process. During our Free Foundation Repair Estimate, our representative will not only evaluate the problems and remedies but also make sure you understand reasons for cause and even steps in solution! Our goal is to ensure you understand what we understand. This makes it a little easier on all involved.

Some of our services offered are listed below. If you have a question or concern about what you're going through; its easiest to just call and we will be happy to help you find a solution! Call anytime at 918-361-7787

- Support Beams / Piers

- Rotted Wood Replacement (Joist, Sill, Rim, etc..)

- Drainage Solutions

- Encapsulation

- Dirt Removal

- And More....

- Steel Piers

- Helical Piers (Commercial Helicals Available)

- Concrete Piers

- Multiple Brackets & Sizing Options

- Lifting

- Leveling

- Void Fill

- Re-Compaction

- Deep Injection

- French Drains

- Seamless Gutters

- Tight Lines

- Waterproofing

Free Estimates call 918-361-7787

Tulsa Foundation Repair Company

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