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What causes concrete to sink?

There are many reasons for concrete to start sinking. The most common would be erosion. Anytime there is a lack of drainage around concrete you can expect some erosion under the slab. Once sediment is washed out from under the concrete; it's only natural the weight would cause the slab to sink into the washed out void. Although concrete is strong enough to act like a bridge if done correctly, most concrete slabs are only designed for their intended purpose.

If you are noticing cracks in the concrete and/or any visible movement, it is likely there is an underlying issue.

Level Home Foundation Repair has a variety of methods for repair but will ultimately come down to your unique situation on what process is best for your structural repair needs. To make an appointment to have your damage evaluated; call us directly at (Tulsa) 918-361-7787 or (OKC) 405-922-9959 or visit

Common Mistakes / Helpful Tips:

Often times when we are called out to a home it is due to a drainage issue causing the foundation to settle. Almost always at the corners and/or near a downspout that does not extent away from the home. Make sure and extend your downspouts so the storm water properly drains away from your home or slab! Also, keep any seams or cracks sealed to prevent washout of the underlying soils. Small things like this; could prevent major issues that are not only costly but progressive!

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