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Level Home Lifetime Warranty

Level Home Foundation Repair offers a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all pier work performed. We believe in making sure each home we work on, is in good structural condition for years to come. Our Warranty is transferable between owners at no additional cost. This allows you to fix and buy/sell your property with peace of mind, knowing the foundation has a Foundation Warranty. Once the job is completed our certificate of warranty will be issued on site by a Level Home Specialist. Included will be a paid-in full invoice along with a plot specifying pier placement. This makes a great selling package and also informs of where and what was done to the homes foundation. Warranty is key when choosing a foundation repair company. To learn more or for any foundation warranty questions, please call us directly at 918-361-7787 or 405-571-0070 .

Our Foundation Warranty

NO Transfer Fee

Level Home Warranty does transfer to the next owner at NO FEE to either party. The buyer will receive their own certificate once we are notified of closing and buyers information.

NO Stipulations

Our Warranty is simple, no haggle or hassle. If you need help we're in your corner. We stand behind each foundation repair completed! If there is ever a problem or concern with support that we have installed, call out a Level Home Specialist and we will get it evaluated and repaired ASAP if necessary. Your satisfaction is our peace of mind and Level Home Foundation Repair takes pride in proper repairs. Offering worry free, no-hassle service!



If there is an issue that damaged the support structure that was out of our control, then a $500 deductible may be applied to offset a portion of labor costs. This means but is not limited to a flood, broken plumbing, etc.


Also a bonus to have the assurance that Level Home Foundation Repair will come out and do whatever it takes to make sure you are in the best situation possible at no gain regardless of situation. 

Professional Package

Every customer receives a professional selling package.

(Paid Invoice, Warranty Certificate, Pier Placement Plot) and commonly Engineer Report as-well.

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