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Foundation Drainage Problems

Drainage Problems in Oklahoma Clay! Keep in mind that in most cases our soil expands with excess moisture and, shrinks quite a bit without it. This is what's called active soil. The ground beneath our houses and or structures is constantly loosening over time with the more movement it experiences. The weight of our houses was once built on compact ground and over time that has changed in some areas. Some situations will need support and repair but others can do simple maintenance and really help their situation sustain longer and more efficiently. This means that if we are cautious with our drainage, we can prolong the inevitable of foundation settlement. Start by getting your downspouts away from the house. This means making sure the flow of a heavy rain will move away from the structure. Often we see great gutter systems, but the downspouts dump directly at the footing, and has no where to go. There are several options for people on hills but for people in flat circumstances, try french drain to the closest ditch or down grade. Worst case, sump pumps are always an option. Anyone with a crawl space, keeping them dry should always be a top priority. Proper drainage will help that dramatically. Next address any standing water, this means any water pools that sit around for an extended amount of time. These cause excessive swelling in the soil and generally are a pain anyway! To remedy, install a french drain system with a receptacle anywhere the pooling occurs. Make sure system extends to a lower point in the terrain. Start with these simple tips and really watch the change it makes in your foundation movement. If your problems extend beyond simple drainage. Call Level Home Foundation Repair. Offering Free Estimates and quality repairs. You can get a repair and a price that is right for your homes unique foundation settlement issues.

Tulsa Foundation Repair 918-361-7787 Oklahoma City Foundation Repair 405-571-0070

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