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Foundation Damage & Cosmetic Repairs

Foundation Settlement Damage

Cosmetic repairs are almost always a side effect of foundation damage. Things such as mortar work in the brick, or repairing sheetrock cracks inside. Once your home has been stabalized, you then can repair and replace the damaged areas without worry of the problems coming back. Alot of times, people fix the brick or drywall instead of the foundation and it comes back time and time again. If you have large gaps now and are thinking of filling them rather than getting a foundation repair, please don't. The cleaner the seperation is when you do get the structure lifted, the better gaps and seperations will close during the process. Often times people fill the gaps with foam and/or caulking and it makes it impossible to get things back exactly how we may like too. Keep in mind the problem is only going to get worse and you may be better off fixing it structuraly and then sealing once and for all. Also, being proactive on foundation repairs will always save you money. Settlement is progressive and the less of the home settles, then the less repair is necessary!

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