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What are the signs of Foundation Damage

When trying to determine if your home has foundation damage or not, there are many factors to consider. First would be the type of damage that has you concerned and location. Then it would be to check the area immediately around the source problem to determine how much of the problem extends beyond whats visible. It's important to remember that just because the crack is in one place, doesn't necessarily mean the source settlement is directly under that crack. In most cases it is a corner or large section of a structure that steadily settles and causes cracks throughout (some more visible than others). Either way the best thing to do is get someone qualified to give you the proper assessment and create a repair plan to secure the structure quickly and effectively. If you are noticing, Cracked Sheetrock, Unaligned Doors, Ridges in Flooring or Concrete. Separation in Siding, Gaps Between Windows and Flashings. Call today to get a FREE FOUNDATION REPAIR ESTIMATE. 918-361-7787 405-571-0070

Level Home Foundation Repair

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