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Foundation Repair Expectations

Foundation Repairs can be an extensive process. Sometimes, placing piers where a favorite landscaping bush might be, or going through a concrete slab to properly place a permanent support. Either way it goes, it can be intimidating to think about. Keep in mind, although the repair process can seem like a lot, it's something we do everyday, Most jobs can be completed in 1-2 Day Max. Our efficient & experienced foundation crew will install and test all support to meet our Warranty Standards!Then clean up the job site with care. Bushes can be replanted, concrete patches can be filled.

If you are having Exterior Piers put in to support your foundation footing; below is a list of what to expect:

-During Installation the crews will be digging a several ft. deep hole, each place a pier was suggested. (In order to install the pier, a hole must be dug to allow access under the footing)

-During Installation the crews will be testing the pressure of the piers. This will be to make sure they are ready for the load of the structure. You might notice some light creaking in the walls, but nothing to be alarmed about. A strong pier is a good pier, this noise means the weight it transferring to our support.

-Upon Lifting, a portion of the home will be lifted at a time. Each section or contour has settled to a different amount or degree. It needs to be lifted as such. Always better for the owner be present during this stage. It is important for the customer see what the house does while lifting and can make sure all problematic areas are addressed.

-Upon Clean-Up, The holes will be back filled and compacted. There will be slight mounds of dirt where the deepest holes are; the dirt will settle further with some rain. This ensures, there will be plenty of dirt to settle back into the hole. If there were any concrete patches, they will be filled at this time. Give them adequate time to dry, before allowing traffic over them.

-Once Job is Completed and Customer Approved

We will accept final payment and hand over our Transferable Certificate of Warranty

That is the typical exterior pier job in a nutshell.

Level Home Foundation Repair




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