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Will Earthquake Insurance Cover the Repair?

There are many times we are called out to a house and the Homeowner has tried to use their home insurance to cover the cost of repair under Earthquake Insurance. Although, we do see quite a bit of seismic activity in the state of Oklahoma; there is almost always prior signs of settlement that the Earthquake just happens to accelerate. So, unfortunately their claim is almost always denied, due to: "prior settlement". In general the earthquake policy is for a catastrophic event and, the repair is much cheaper than the deductible. If the symptoms are detected early, you can have a smaller repair to deal with, rather than if it is left unattended. But to answer the question: No, Earthquake Insurance does not typically cover the repair cost.

Offering FREE ESTIMATES to Oklahoma home owners, Level Home Foundation Repair makes it easy to get an informative evaluation of your unique foundation settlement. We strive to be as competitive in pricing as possible, & have the experience to deal with any situation you throw our way! Don't get intimidated and procrastinate, it will lead to a greater repair down the road. Worst case scenario, we are able to educate you on our professional perspective as which direction to go!

Call Today at the Corresponding Number Below:

Tulsa Foundation Repair: 918-361-7787

Oklahoma City Foundation Repair: 405-571-0070

Toll Free: 1-800-472-1366

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