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Common Crawl Space Defects

In Oklahoma there is an array of homes sitting on top of Crawl Space Foundations, also known as "Pier and Beam" or "Floating Foundation." This means that there is some sort of Stem Wall that outlines the perimeter, typically made with block or stone and have a concrete footing underneath and, hold up the edges of the interior wood support structure. Crawl Space Support is any support that holds up the wood support structure within the Stem Wall. Commonly consists of a combination of support beams and a type of crawl space pier (several types available). The weight of the interior floor structure and its load, is carried by these support beams and crawl space piers. So there are two things to consider when a crawl space begins to fail: Is the support adequate? and, What are the conditions of materials and space?

Most homes the crawl space support is just dated and was fine when the house was first built but, over time the weight of the house and excess moisture of the crawl space have caused it to sink into the ground. Commonly if you are having crawl space foundation problems; there is excessive moisture in the crawl space or your support needs to be updated as it had a life expectancy (sometimes both).

Crawl Space Hazards : Excessive Moisture, Plumbing Leaks, Termites, Lack of Ventilation

Symptoms : Cracked Sheetrock, Doors Unaligned, Saggy or Bouncing Floors, Seperation

Level Home Foundation Repair has repaired all types of crawl spaces and takes the time and attention to really source the cause of the problem. Offering Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all foundation work performed, rest assured the foundation can be a problem of the past.

Tulsa Foundation Repair 918-361-7787

Oklahoma City Foundation Repair 405-571-0070

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